Excelling in client care and management, we are experienced in PR, marketing and events organisation, as well as having specialist knowledge in key areas.

Chloé Nelkin Consulting was founded in 2010 to meet the demand for a multi-faceted agency offering a bespoke and committed service to clients. With a passion for the arts and communicating the importance of culture to today’s society, Chloé Nelkin Consulting is a small, dynamic company that always delivers with style and sophistication to achieve results beyond your expectations.


Over the years CNC has looked after art clients across the public and private sectors, including galleries and individual artists, amongst who number some of the art world’s most renowned names. Our art specialists are highly qualified and our academic understanding of the areas in which we work means that we are genuinely excited by the projects we take on.


Chloé Nelkin Consulting evolved into working with theatre clients at the beginning of 2012 and quickly established a proven track record for helping to develop must-see shows across the UK with particular emphasis on London and the Edinburgh Fringe. The company handles multiple sell-out productions of all sizes across all genres of theatre. Chloé is also a voluntary board member for Arion Productions and The Production Exchange.


Our detailed knowledge of opera and classical music complements our work in these areas.Our clients range from traditional opera companies, promenade and pop-up performances to gay reworkings of classics in nightclubs.


The expertise of our art historians extends into the worlds of architecture and heritage. In particular, our work for the National Trust has included the acclaimed ‘pop-up’ opening of Flat 130 in the Balfron Tower and the UK-wide architectural festival of Brutalism – Brutal Utopias. On the heritage side, we work with World Monuments Fund Britain – a leading organisation devoted to saving the world’s most treasured places.

Chloé immediately understood the work and knew exactly the right way of conveying that to the outside world, whilst at all time making me and my team feel extremely nurtured and respected.

Heidi Locher Studio Locher