Edinburgh Fringe 2012

We’ve always loved the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and that passion prompted us to work there. So, in 2012, we looked after our first Fringe show, Back To School, that premiered at the Braidwood Community Centre with the Pleasance.

Back To School

Back To School is a site-specific, interactive experience where audience members are cast as students. Part-comedy, part-social experiment, this new show from Britain’s modern day ‘Mary Poppins’ promises to delight and amuse, playing on the social construct of the school. Mixing comedy and masterclass, ‘pupils’ attending ‘Saint Dumbiedykes’ will study insect dissection with one of the country’s most renowned entomologists, take sex education classes with flirtation expert Tracey Cox, hear their graduation speech given by Jonathan Ross as well as enjoying irreverent takes on the school assembly, school dinners (make sure to eat your greens) and the end of term disco. With a resurrected school hamster and a mystery celebrity playing the school bell, Back To School promises to be a rollicking good show, full of Fringe fun, dark surprises and extra-curricular chaos. This gives the audience another chance to be big kids, spicing up the educational debate and proving it is never too old to be young and never too late to learn. Others who are involved include: David Baddiel and Felicity Montagu.