Why Choose CNC?

Chloé and her team are wonderful – sensitive, passionate about outcomes, careful with artists, dogged and realistic. We have worked many times with CNC and the results are always stunning. When we have great shows, Chloé and her team help them reach the world. When there are more challenging situations these are managed with dignity and care. I always know Chloé is in our corner, helping us fight the good fight against the forces of indifference and coarseness. The team care deeply about art and communicating with authenticity and nuance.

Yaron Lifschitz / Artistic Director, Circa

I have been working with Chloé and her team for over two years now and their dedication and commitment to PR and marketing is so impressive. I always feel like they have given everything that they could have to the show and pursued every possible avenue they can. They are supportive and professional and I believe have provided our work with the best possible services. The team at CNC has really become part of our team and I am looking forward to working together further in the future.

Ellie Dubois / Performance Maker

We love working with Chloé and the CNC team and have collaborated with them on West End runs as well as mid-scale tours across the UK for several years now. They are head and shoulders above the rest in terms of efficiency and delivering results time after time. They are always on our side, always at the end of the phone or email. The level of communication is simply outstanding. We recommend CNC to other companies constantly and without hesitation – a service full of professionalism, passion and attention to detail.

Teresa Burns / General Manager, Scamp Theatre

Chloé and her team have led hugely successful PR campaigns for my touring, London-based and Edinburgh Fringe work and also my theatre venue Jacksons Lane. The volume of editorial, press, live media and reviews they get is breathtaking in its breadth, from the smallest blogs to the biggest national critics. They are hugely trusted and respected in the arts and theatre industry- I cannot recommend or commend them highly enough.

Adrian Berry / Artistic Director, Jackson’s Lane

Chloé Nelkin Consulting are hardworking, decisive, creative and utterly charming. We are thrilled to be working with them for another Edinburgh Fringe Festival and at the Pleasance in London.

Anthony Alderson / Director, Pleasance Theatre Trust

Chloé and her team add so much to the projects in which they are involved. They created a very successful campaign for Atticist’s production of EAST (which sold out its run after receiving widespread press coverage). But – just as importantly – throughout the process their interest and focus on what we actually wanted to achieve gave us great confidence. They are collaborative, inventive, and have a clear and effective understanding of their field.

Jessica Lazar / Director, Atticist Productions

Throughout our work with Chloé Nelkin Consulting, we were impressed by their efficiency, tenacity, and creativity. It is no overstatement to say that they effectively transformed our media profile. It was a pleasure to have the confidence of knowing that we were being represented so expertly.

Harriet Wennberg / Senior Manager, INTBAU

We have been working with Chloé and the CNC team since late spring 2016. CNC supported us in announcing the launch of our venue, the Bunker, as well as acting as our publicist for the venue and providing PR support to almost three quarters of our productions in our first 14 months. Working with Chloé and her team is like having someone constantly on our side who will answer emails and calls almost immediately, and what’s more her team have become part of the fabric of the building. Their intimate understanding of our programming and our ethos means that they are able to represent us to the highest level. I could not be happier with our relationship and collaboration with this team.

Joshua McTaggart / Former Artistic Director, The Bunker

I have been lucky enough to work with Chloé and her team on two productions and what they have managed to achieve is remarkable. We have had extensive coverage in national newspapers, international press, TV and radio. What marks out CNC is the passion with which they approach everything.They really seem to care about your particular project (not always the case with PR companies) and will do their absolute best to represent it passionately and professionally. The fact that they do outstanding work with so much tact, warmth and good humour makes the experience a real pleasure. We can’t wait to work with Chloé again and cannot recommend her highly enough.

John O’Connor / Director, European Arts Company

We have worked with CNC for several years on a variety of theatre and circus projects of different scales. Their work is exhaustive, knowledgeable and imaginative and delivered by Chloé and her patient, personable and dedicated team, who really know their field.

Stephen Makin / Head of Creative Producing, Underbelly Productions

I approached Chloé Nelkin and team with a brief to support our 10th anniversary year and the launch of our latest ice sculpture theme, ICEBAR LONDON ROCKS. I was already aware of the company from their strong reputation in the arts and cultural sector, but this was my first time working with them directly. I’m very glad we made the decision to bring them onboard, they showed an immediate understanding of the brief, grabbed the move into our business sector as a challenge and opportunity and, of course, delivered excellent us coverage. Five stars as they say in the press.

Tom Hunter / Head of Sales and Marketing, ICEBAR LONDON

My dilemma. People had heard of the extraordinary buildings that we at World Monuments Fund Britain have helped conserve but few had ever heard of us. I approached Chloé for a solution and the result has been more pieces in the national press over the last six months than we had during the preceding six years. Real attention to detail and a bespoke, tailored approach has reaped dividends, so that our subject material is matched to those who might best tell those stories. And all carried out under Chloé’s leadership by an engaging team who are genuinely interested in what we do.

John Darlington / Executive Director, World Monuments Fund Britain

Chloé Nelkin Consulting will always be my first recommendation for companies visiting the Old Red Lion Theatre. The service provided by her whole team is second to none, providing superb guidance and support from the first planning meeting until the final performance. From pulling in great preview features, running a first-rate press night, managing a crisis, to continued efforts to get the show’s message out there and keep it out there throughout its run, Chloé Nelkin Consulting are simply the best that’s out there.

Stewart Pringle / Artistic Director, the Old Red Lion Theatre

I’ve worked with Chloé across a number of different projects with differing demands, and each time the level of creativity, attention to detail and overall results have surpassed expectations. She is always willing to go the extra mile when needed, with the added benefit that working with her is never anything less than fun.

Ed Bartlett / Director, The Future Tense

How good is Chloé Nelkin Consulting? They got us two four star reviews before we even started working with them. Having met Chloé in a bar in Edinburgh and complained about our lack of reviews that year, she made one call and the next night we had two critics in who gave as glittering reviews. We knew we had to work with CNC immediately. They have given us a personal and well thought out PR campaign that fits with our show, as well as advising us on how best to promote ourselves. Rather than throw every critic at you and see what sticks CNC handpick the best people to respond to your work and give you the best possible outcome.

Gabriel Bisset-Smith / Guilt & Shame

Chloé Nelkin Consulting are a pleasure to work with. They are a company with a wealth of ideas that Chloé personally realises in a highly professional manner. Chloé brings a wealth of experience to the table, she is a perfectionist and excellent at managing events with flair and efficiency. We cannot recommend her company highly enough.

David Breuer-Weil / Galerie B Weil

I cannot imagine doing a show without the intelligence, passion, and know-how that comes with working with Chloé Nelkin Consulting. She is worth double her weight in gold and I couldn’t recommend working with her more highly. She will be used on every one of our shows and it’s an honour to have her sitting on our board of advisors.

Andrew Keates / Artistic Director, Arion Productions

We’ve enormously enjoyed working with the team at Chloé Nelkin Consulting on the National Trust’s innovative programme of events, installations and partnerships across London. Not only have the team secured reams of high-profile publicity but they have also expertly stewarded media relationships with energy, diplomacy and flair – especially notable on large-scale projects such as the opening of the Big Brother house as a temporary National Trust property. The personal and flexible approach of Chloé and her team has enabled the National Trust to respond at short notice to exciting opportunities, which simply wouldn’t have been the case with a larger firm.

Joseph Watson / Programme Manager, National Trust London

Chloé Nelkin Consulting has worked on four of our opera seasons and has hugely increased our public profile. For our last two productions she has secured multiple reviewers including bloggers, opera and theatre critics and mainstream press. Coverage has included Opera Magazine, national newspapers such as the Times, Telegraph and Daily Express, live performances on BBC Radio 3, and a television feature on BBC London News. Chloé is also a pleasure to work with, always prompt and helpful with her responses to our requests.

Clementine Lovell / Company Director, Pop-Up Opera

We were delighted with the PR that Chloé Nelkin Consulting provided for our UK Premiere of Tennessee Williams’s The Fat Man’s Wife at the Canal Cafe Theatre earlier this year. In my 14 year tenure at the Canal Cafe it was the best attended press night we’d ever had. We are so impressed with Chloe and her team that we have booked them again to do the PR for our Guinness World Record-Breaking show NewsRevue at the Pleasance in Edinburgh this year.

Emma Taylor / Artistic Director, Canal Cafe Theatre

Chloé Nelkin Consulting are a delight to work with. Due to their level of organisation, planning and ability to achieve results, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Chloé runs a tight ship and is able to get things done. She is efficient, professional and understands her clients’ needs. Her ability to think outside the box and successfully liaise with journalists from a range of media is the key to her success. Her commitment to her clients means that she is consistent and really delivers. She has been a huge asset to the gallery during its first year.

Megan Piper / Founder and director, The Piper Gallery

It was an absolute pleasure to have Chloé Nelkin on our artistic team. She provided absolute professionalism, good humour and diplomacy in all situations. She was able to work to deliver on all of her targets in time and our production – The Seagull at Southwark Playhouse – enjoyed a near sell-out run. I recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone who wishes to give their artistic event or business a boost and would not hesitate to collaborate with her again. The service she delivers is outstanding.

Fenella Dawnay / Producer, The Seagull (adapted by Anya Reiss), Southwark Playhouse

The first order is a gift and that is exactly what you get from Chloé Nelkin Consulting. Here at Studio Locher, we salute Chloé and her team and thank her for that gift. She is a perfectionist just at the moment when that is the only thing the project requires. CNC immediately understood the work and knew exactly the right way of conveying that to the outside world, whilst at all times making me and my team feel extremely nurtured and respected. It is clear that Chloé can handle it all; she adores what she does and is highly efficient (she never forgets a single detail or face) and she is fun and extremely intelligent. I think it is a winning combination so I would recommend that if you ever need to ‘phone a friend’ make sure it is Chloé Nelkin Consulting.

Heidi Locher / Artist, Studio Locher

Our praise for Chloé Nelkin Consulting is no less expansive than the gap between the titanic disorganisation of our public message at the moment of her enjoinment and the near-perfection of the final results she delivered. In promoting VAULT, our three week arts festival in The Old Vic Tunnels in February 2012, Chloé and her team guided us towards a cohesive strategy, advised on our budget and spending, and delivered a more comprehensive media coverage than we could have hoped for. We have retained Chloé Nelkin Consulting on our two top projects for the future and would recommend her to any arts venture looking to improve their public message.

Tim Wilson / Founder and Creative Producer, The Heritage Arts Company

Chloé Nelkin Consulting provided our Physical Center London programme with brilliant UK and international press coverage. As a broad and international two-month programme of contemporary art, performance, film and science lectures we needed to spread news of our event to a wide range of publications. This programme was curated by a New York-based collective and it was a great relief to know that we could count on Chloé in London during the months leading up to our launch. The team’s ability to reach out to a wide variety of press was key to making our events well attended and taking the ethos of Physical Center to an international arts audience. We hope to work with Chloé again in the future!

Juliana Cerqueira Leite / Curator, Physical Center

We employed Chloé Nelkin Consulting to undertake the PR campaign for our joint exhibition with E&R Cyzer of works by Robert Marc and would without hesitation thoroughly recommend their services. We were most impressed by their work from the outset and this continued every step of the way. From the initial proposal right through to the end of the project Chloé Nelkin Consulting has shown the utmost professionalism. They are extremely efficient with high levels of communication, and their determination and work ethic has brought about results in terms of press coverage far beyond our expectations, especially in light of the relatively short time period they had available to work on the campaign. We shall very much look forward to working with Chloé Nelkin Consulting again in the future.

Ben Springett / Gallery Manager, Alon Zakaim Fine Art

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Chloé Nelkin Consulting. Offering an uniquely personal service, unlike other PR companies we’ve previously had experience working with, Chloé Nelkin Consulting delivers. They have guided us in formulating an ambitious strategy to help boost our profile and meet our target audience in an ever increasingly competitive contemporary arts’ market

Diana Ewer / Director, TAG Fine Arts

I was witness to Chloé‘s extraordinary feat of coordination which enabled the exhibition East Wing VIII: On Time to come together. Chloé expertly spearheaded the entire process with a degree of professionalism that enabled this student-led show to become a fixture within the greater London artworld. Despite the challenges of working within a listed building with an entirely voluntary staff, Chloé had a remarkable ability to remain level-headed, think on her feet, and come up with ingenious solutions to complex problems in order to satisfy the exhibiting institution, the artists, and the visiting public alike. She was constantly a few steps ahead in planning, anticipating and avoiding potential pitfalls. Her ability to work well with her current contacts and ease at making new ones ensures she has a great pool of support from within the art world on which to draw to achieve the highest quality end result possible.

Janine Catalano / Alumni Relations Manager, The Courtauld Institute of Art